Please ask us to manage your ads to maximize your monthly ad budget. We offer Google listing ads, display ads, video ads, and SNS ads based on your branding phase, services, and products. You can choose to pay 15% of your advertising budget or a performance-based fee.




Japanese Market Analysis, Japanese Market Support, Overseas Sales Channel Development, Tourism Experience Service / WEB, Application, System Development / Google Ad Operation & Funnel Definition & Data Analysis, Data Application / Video Production, Promotion Video Production / New Business Support / Existing Service Support


Website LP production

We develop websites, shopping sites, subscription service development, and other services for individual customers. Production time is one to two months. We also support English websites.


We are available for operational support and business improvement. We support application and system development through contracted development.

Site Creation

Photography: 20,000 yen (including travel expenses)
MEO for google business profile building: 10,000 yen
PR video shooting: 60 seconds/50,000 yen

Number of websites created: 240
Number of smartphone apps developed: 18
Google My Business: 80

Number of system applications developed: 45
Business support system development: 50 cases

STEP1: Requirement definition and overall design

■ Decide: Define service content, service name, and service value. Decide the operation method and KPI.
■Services to be provided: Requirement definition document, creation of overall design document, creation of system specification document, creation of foundation for operation rules, and creation of KPI tree.
■Scope of services: Web applications, web services, smartphone applications (We can also update existing management systems and develop new services.)

STEP2: Infrastructure and security design

■Decide: operation method, target server, target OS

■What we can do: Server design, construction, configuration, security patching, firewall and other security environment construction, infrastructure design documentation

■Scope of services: Creation of design documents, construction of servers, and support for maintenance and operation after construction (coding of bash and batch scripts is also possible).

STEP3: Design and development

Development (front and server)
■To be decided: operator (responsible person), development cycle, man-hours, design
■Support: Coding, front development, non-coding, design coding, server side, building a test environment, building a demo environment if necessary

STEP4: Testing and delivery

■To be decided: How to handle test environment QA, how to handle production environment QA, implementation date, and other schedule management
■What to do: QA for test and production environments, etc.

Application System Development Flow

Contract Development Flow

Environment: AWS and others
Supported OS: Mac OSX, CentOS, windowsOS, redhatlinux
Any target server is acceptable

WEB x Marketing

IT Digital Domain
■Support for Improvement of Web Services
■Support for content development
■Proposal of additional function implementation
■Service operation support
■Support for building linkage with external services

■Customer Creation
Develop new channels to attract customers, such as omni-channel. Customer data collection and analysis
(Google, SNS enhancement, new service development)

Marketing Domain

We will plan marketing initiatives, formulate strategies, execute and verify tactics, and operate the PDCA cycle. The following is a list of areas we are capable of handling after dividing the work into phases.

■ Attracting customers and strengthening exposure
Special feature planning (campaigns by product and customer needs = web service enhancement and UI development)
New service planning
User data collection (video ads, SNS ads)
PDCA cycle proposals in the online domain (online customer service enhancement, PR strategy planning)

Think 1: Development Motivation

■Build a mechanism to make product listings attractive for products and services (collaboration with product providers and suppliers, improvement of usage rate)
■Formulate a motive to make users want to use (or benefit from using) web services (enrich product pages and contents).
■Propose information and services that web service users want to use (proposals to improve customer attraction and increase CVs).

Think2: Content Strength

■Support existing clients and create information to attract new clients and customers at the same time.
■Effective use of word of mouth and company branding
■Data generation through verification of approaches and new approaches when serving customers
■Posting company information, attracting customers through new media, etc.

Think3: 内製化

■Media development manual support (optional service)* Analysis of “desired information” ~ support for periodic information distribution (support for information distribution to product suppliers (BtoB), including distribution operation and effectiveness verification. Support for periodic information distribution (support for information distribution to product suppliers (BtoB), including distribution operation and effectiveness verification).
■Support for original media production and development. We create and provide an in-house wikipedia that includes a smartphone version, a collection of product creation points, and a collection of keywords using the Keyword Planner and Google Trends, including a close examination of information created during the operation.

Think4: UI/UX改善

■Set personas and build a system to develop services with all employees working together
■Improvement to expand the range of conditions selected by customers
■Support for manualization of sales talks for digital collaboration
■Optimization verification of management screens, optimization of items, search axes, input forms, etc., and measures to improve usability
■Propose new measures such as chatbots, video implementation, and other functional additions

Our Development Philosophy

Web Development x Marketing

■Media use & product information posting and IT seminars (joint seminars, etc., to propose services for business partners)
■Third-party proposals aimed at improving user convenience, increasing Web service recognition, and building branding
■Support for product information creation (support from format creation to implementation of attractive points when creating product information, precautions, how to include keywords, where to put them (description location), how to describe the number of characters, etc. from the first product posting (EC sites))

Data Science
Data Science Program

What is a data science program?
It is an approach that attempts to use data to extract knowledge that is beneficial to society. The program covers information science, statistics, algorithms, and other methods for handling data across a wide range of fields.
We convert your company’s date and time transaction data into a format that can be operated within your company. We build data science programs in line with your business strategy and tactical plans; we build your company’s unique data assets based on planning reference data through AI analysis.


We are available for operational support and business improvement. We support application and system development through contracted development.

STEP1: Definition of data requirements

We will formulate a strategy based on your company’s per-purpose, vision, and financial targets, and summarize data handling requirements. Using your company’s daily transaction data as the primary data, we will create data with annual targets and maximizing customer satisfaction in mind. We will summarize data acquisition methods, storage methods, operational members, utilization methods, and main objectives.

STEP2: Identification of data issues

Taking into account the direction of your company’s marketing initiatives, we will first examine the data necessary to overcome the most pressing issues that are easy to tackle. We then proceed with data science based on the roadmap laid out in the requirements definition phase.

STEP3: data collection and analysis process

Design and collect data using SQL or other coding for data acquisition and storage. If necessary, BI tools will be implemented at this stage.

STEP4: data cleansing

Data processing. We will use various visual representations of the data so that it is understandable to both frontline employees and management. Delete and transform inappropriate or abnormal data before or after data collection, either manually or automatically (mainly vb, access, excel and javascript).

STEP5: analysis content collation

Gather materials to identify and report on data that can lead to problem improvement from the visualized data.

STEP6: report writing

It is expected that the representation of data will “reveal the source data of benefits,” “solve problems,” “find new issues,” and “generate new ideas.” and so on.

data science

Data Science Program

Case Studies

Data Science Program

AI Predictive Analytics is a data analysis technique that uses statistical algorithms and machine learning to predict future results based on past performance. It can improve the efficiency of existing businesses and create new businesses.

Overview and Basic Functions

In an AI predictive analysis of a company, we performed data science based on highly accurate predictions with automatic modeling of the results of the analysis from the construction of training data. The corresponding tabular data can be numbers, strings, text, and dates to verbalize the reason for the prediction.
STEP: Definition of data requirements
Based on binary classification (failure prediction, withdrawal prediction), multi-valued classification (complaint classification), numerical prediction (regression analysis), and time-series prediction (regression analysis) as basic functions, a wide range of data analysis was conducted, including contract price prediction through machine learning (learning, evaluation, prediction), targeting, production planning through shipment number prediction, purchase quantity determination through visitor number prediction, and arrival planning through product sales prediction
STEP: analytical process

Forecasting Methodology and Analysis Results

Input: Tabular data in Excel, csv, tsv, etc. (ex.) Contract information: contract type (ex. Plan A) duration (ex. 5 years) number of payments (ex. 36 times) and customer information: age (ex. 33 years) gender (ex. male) address (ex. Yamagata City) Prediction: Prediction model is built by machine learning (using past performance data: tabular data, customer data, sales data, and management data) Output: Prediction of results ((ex.) Probability of leaving at next renewal: 84.5%: Consider preventive measures against churn)
STEP: Input/forecast
Discussion of forecasts based on forecast results. We worked with sales and corporate planning to understand correlations and other factors.
STEP: Post-Prediction Analysis

Display ads, listing ads, video ads

Google ad
Please ask us to manage your ads to maximize your monthly ad budget. We offer Google listing ads, display ads, video ads, and SNS ads based on your branding phase, services, and products. You can choose to pay 15% of your advertising budget or a performance-based fee. We can also support Line Ads and Twitter Ads.

Our Strong Points

Advertising LP Production
+Advertising Management

We support you from the creation of landing pages to ensure that your advertising budget is used appropriately. We can consult with you from the creation of LPs for your ad operations. Experience the new world of the Internet and the strength of your company’s culture!

Our Mission in Advertising Operations

Mission in Advertising Business

We implement natural search enhancement to gain market share without advertising costs, and use advertising costs to gain sales. We provide support starting with SEO measures such as content SEO measures, EFO measures, and metaSEO measures.

Our Strengths in Advertising Operations

Our knowledge is based on advertising operations conducted at our own restaurants in Yokohama and other locations.

We provide campaign setting, appropriate budget allocation, operation considering the number of clicks, inquiries, CVs, seasons, and weather conditions, appropriate operation for each area, and operation based on the needs and trends of commercial products in advertising operation using Yahoo! We can also consult with you on the timing of campaign settings, ad verification by product, budget digestion progress checks, daily hit verification, and enhanced distribution using official LINE accounts.

広告課題1: IMP/インプレッションが少ない


広告課題2: CTR/クリック率が低い


広告課題3: CPA/アクション単価が高い


広告課題4: CV/コンバージョンが低い(CVRが低い)

テキスト情報不足、顧客にとって魅力がない 、内容がタイトルと噛み合っていない




インプレッション数/IMP, クリック数, クリック率/CTR, クリック単価/CPC, コンバージョン/CV, コンバージョンレート/CVR, アクション単価/CPAなどを指標として考察を行います。
新規ユーザーや既存顧客の問い合わせ時間, 購入時間, 曜日, 男女比, 形態, 年齢, フェーズ別, 流入経路, 滞在時間などを対象にマーケット分析を行います。



当然ですが広告費用は広告のためだけのものではありません。しかし、広告運用という名目で広告費を搾取する業者が後を立ちません。 当社では広告運用で行うCPN別、商品別の検証、予算消化進捗の確認、日額ヒット検証などはLINE公式アカウントによる配信強化などに展開していきます。 会社のビジョンや事業計画から現状の課題を特定。デジタルとの親和性を検討し、日次取引をベースにKPIを特定・設定します。現状のデジタル課題と長期的な視点でのデジタル活用を検討し、バックエンド(社内業務)とフロントエンド(集客業務)を区分。 デジタル戦略全体像の策定と具体的に導入するデジタルツールをKPI視点、事業戦略視点、活動計画視点で導入します。

Social Media​​








We will be responsible for the marketing domain of your company.

What we want to achieve with your company is to support your digital growth, enrichment, and independence, and to instill a marketing culture in your company. We offer a realistic vision of your professionalism. What is important to you? It is important for your company to determine the final numerical targets of your company based on daily transaction data and sales activity data, to identify management issues and activity issues, and to set KPIs. We do not provide small digital marketing services. Our strength lies in digital consulting from a management perspective that takes into account your company’s financial results.

STEP1:Issue identification and market analysis

Analysis of the Japanese market (through LP creation and Google ads) Digital issues Service/Product issues Management issues (business strategy, etc.) Activity issues (KPI setting, etc.) Search engine policies/SEO measures

STEP2: Digital Channel Optimization

Organize and optimize all channels your customers browse. Keyword optimization/product information posting/Google My Business/Yahoo and other search engines

STEP3:Preference Enhancement

We will provide information on the Japanese domestic market to watch, market competition measures, exposure enhancement measures, free SNS distribution, SNS advertisement distribution, etc. Brand enhancement through in-house media management, etc.

STEP4: Strengthening customer service communication

Implement word-of-mouth response and enhanced online communication. Achieve service recognition and conversion through customer communications such as data views, analysis methods, issue identification/YouTube operation/official LINE account, etc.

Contribute to the growth of your company's services

Organize the marketing funnel to enhance the ability to attract digital customers

We will develop a marketing strategy and conduct initial funnel definition; we will operate and propose new online customer attraction measures via Google, SNS, and web applications. We will increase end-user usage of services, propose and improve user-oriented content, and strengthen cooperation with your business partners. We provide thorough marketing and KPI management, including PR/feature strategy development, marketing data preparation, and effectiveness verification of each measure, while setting goals from the perspective of management and executives and proposing tactics at the field level.

We are an organization that faces challenges in the digital domain.

Issues such as site design, configuration, and functionality will be addressed in the long-term contract, and knowledge will be stored in-house.

■Maps, free word and quick search
We will review product search axes, maps, free word searches and quick searches, and propose a design that enhances usability and convenience for customers (users), and make it part of your company’s knowledge.
■Increased site circulation with multiple product information contents
We provide data on the synergistic effects of implementing and combining content that strengthens inquiries and reservations. We will create a layout that enhances the linkage between each product page and its contents.
■We also propose the implementation of video and the use of chatbots, etc.
■Propose EFO measures (verification and improvement of reservation forms and registration flow)
■Launch of product information media for online customer service
Page design and content production are also available.

Inquiry Consultation

– Contents to be confirmed from our company
Hearing about the current business domain, product services, business scale, organizational structure, etc.
– What we would like to confirm
We are planning to promote digitalization from a long-term perspective.