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Japanese Market Analysis, Japanese Market Support, Overseas Sales Channel Development, Tourism Experience Service / WEB, Application, System Development / Google Ad Operation & Funnel Definition & Data Analysis, Data Application / Video Production, Promotion Video Production / New Business Support / Existing Service Support



プレーオフィス 山形市松波4-8-17-903


従業員数 12名



Corporate History



We were founded on February 9, 2015 in Hatagomachi(旅籠町), Yamagata City as a company that provides business improvement services for onsen ryokan (hot spring inns).
Capital 1.5 million yen Founder&CEO Wataru Takeyama.
Started reservation system development using Python, website development using CMS, website management and operation, and signage design and production at the time of establishment. Started comprehensive consulting services for onsen ryokan and hotels.


Google My Business (Google Business Profile) introduction to other companies

Started web application development, marketing research, and Google customer attraction support services. Received orders for directing services for a restaurant in Yamagata Prefecture, including overall web strategy, product concept development, photography, and promotion strategy. Started annual contract with a new onsen ryokan (hot spring). (Occupancy rate increased by 55%) Selection of OTA, development of new accommodation plans, overall web strategy, design production, proposal and implementation of new operation.


Contract Development and Consulting

Strengthened cooperation with outside services. Contracts with six hot spring inns in Yamagata, Iwate, and other prefectures. Also received orders for work from hot spring inn associations. Utilized a subsidy from the Japan Tourism Agency’s FY27 supplemental budget plan to translate Muslim manuals and languages. Conducted web promotions to attract new customers and overseas sales (Taiwan) to attract inbound travelers / Focused on developing and implementing communication strategies for onsen ryokan guests (customers), including new sales to TTAs, OTAs, and lodging business-related companies, as well as selecting existing business partners.


Strengthen marketing services

Contracted with a general commercial food manufacturer and wholesaler in Yamagata Prefecture to provide marketing planning and execution support.Established a manufacturing management system, reduced costs, implemented an order and supply system, and increased sales efficiency and timeliness.Provided support on the sales side of the company by improving profit margins and participating in product launch events.Single-handedly handled new product launches, market research, new market development, Internet sales support, and improvement of the internal employment environment.Developed a comprehensive production business including marketing strategy planning and operational improvement for a company managing 10 restaurant outlets in Tokyo.Began full-scale operation of Google listing advertisements.


Application Development Achievements

Building an EC site for the company’s online sales. Began selling manufactured food products. Started full-scale development of an online site for experience tour services and subscription services, and launched a life design division with payment support services and other services. Started project management business for application development, which was commissioned by a venture company (social game application development company) in Shibuya. Established expertise in the latest business systems and the latest operation management systems.


Building our own services

Started inbound business by introducing web applications. Received an order for project management of web media development for a major IT company in Tokyo. We managed a project involving dozens of people for the client and implemented a web strategy to increase the media’s monthly UUs by 500,000. Started AI/AR camera product development in Japan in collaboration with a company in Shenzhen, China. Began considering the need for in-house AI development. Continued to receive orders from event planning companies in Tokyo for graphic design, poster production, and website development. Received orders for overall marketing work to improve sales and occupancy rates for travel tour products in Tokyo. Implemented channel strategy and communication strategy for overseas customers, given the nature of the product with 98% inbound customers.


Professional Division

Strengthened inbound tourism business and launched video business; launched “Foodots”, a media service for distributing food culture videos in May 2020 (closed as of 2023); created a professional division to develop services specializing in BtoB, and promoted digital marketing for corporations, DtoC marketing, mass marketing, development business, system development, and outsourcing contracts to strengthen business support, Promoted outsourcing contracts to further strengthen digital marketing, DtoC marketing, mass marketing, development business, system development, and business support for companies.


Opened own Japanese restaurant

We started our own food culture business to distribute Japanese food culture overseas by utilizing our know-how of system development, business improvement, and digital support we have provided to companies. Capital was increased (2,500,000 yen) by two additional shareholders.


DX support in full swing

Started full-scale AWS implementation for enterprise services.
Increase the number of system development and business improvement projects, including agile application development with Google’s App sheet.
In 2023, we started its own Western-style restaurant in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Developed and implemented in-house attendance and store management systems for the restaurant, and developed microservices and AI systems using AmazonWebService, including Forecast, EKS, and sagemaker.




A good match for these companies. Foreign companies that have established themselves in Japan fit very well.

Examples of Compatible Business Partners


Needs for business improvement and business support

We provide consultation for companies that wish to organize their customer attraction structure and develop new channels based on their existing sales activities, or for companies that wish to build a systematic and simple internal flow by introducing IT and systems into their normal business operations.


Long-term contract terms can be considered.

Companies that have their hands full with their existing sales and service flow and have neglected the use of IT within their company. Companies that would like to establish an in-house corporate planning or IT department in the future and can contract with us for a medium-term span of 12 to 24 months.


Able to practice hypothesis testing based on KPI management together

We consult with companies whose existing service flow is unclear in terms of goal setting and hypothesis testing, and whose data utilization and mid- to long-term roadmap are unclear. We also perform hypothesis testing for user acquisition and internal cost reduction based on verifiable KPI management.

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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our clients.

A. Yes, we do. For example, even if your consultation is about “advertising on Google,” we may start with content creation after listening to your consultation. (Video production, flyer production, web catalog production, homepage production, landing page production, etc.)

A. Yes, we do. Photographic materials are very important in the production of service introductions, product introductions, and promotional content, and we can take pictures of these materials for you.

A. We will propose an individual quotation depending on the details of your request. In the case of website development or shopping site development that can be operated by the client after delivery, only a spot development fee is required. In the case of system development or application development for business improvement, it is difficult to verify the effectiveness of the development and delivery alone, so we may conclude a contract in which the total estimated cost is divided into 12 to 24 month contracts. Basically, we will conclude a contract based on your “what you want to do” and “how much budget you have” or ROI.

A. We are able to handle work in all industries, without being biased toward any industry or business type market.

Main services we can provide:.

Design work, photography, video production, SNS advertising, Google advertising, website production, shopping site production, AI system development, data analysis, IT service management, business improvement, promotion, store opening support, event promotion, web media development, overseas EC, tourism-related, web Catalog production, system application development

Online Live Video Production Achievements

We shoot online cooking lesson videos and other videos connecting Mongolia and Japan. Please feel free to contact us for consultation regarding video shooting.


We accept any kind of consultation, regardless of the type of business or industry in Japan. We will make the best proposal for your company.