Please ask us to manage your ads to maximize your monthly ad budget. We offer Google listing ads, display ads, video ads, and SNS ads based on your branding phase, services, and products. You can choose to pay 15% of your advertising budget or a performance-based fee.




Japanese Market Analysis, Japanese Market Support, Overseas Sales Channel Development, Tourism Experience Service / WEB, Application, System Development / Google Ad Operation & Funnel Definition & Data Analysis, Data Application / Video Production, Promotion Video Production / New Business Support / Existing Service Support


We support the people who can come to Japan from the foreign countries, the individual welcomes the corporation, too. Please refer to Yamagata for the interesting one.

B To B

In digital marketing and advertising management, we are "too polite" to do what other firms cannot. Try our analytical capabilities first. We will ensure that your project moves forward and makes your goals a reality with our "unparalleled ability to make forward-looking proposals" that take into account your company's corporate culture, USP, and the user experience for each funnel. We pursue the endless possibilities of creativity that can be realized through collaboration.


We work with organizations immersive customer.

We support our clients in organizing management issues, business strategies, KPI setting, and other activity issues; organizing web service optimization, including search engine measures/SEO measures, advertising operations, and other service linkages that serve as user channels; and analyzing on-site customer communication and user needs, from marketing plan development through to implementation.

Brand Identity
Strategy and Realization

The Digital World, Imagined Differently

Please ask us to manage your ads to maximize your monthly ad budget. We offer Google listing ads, display ads, video ads, and SNS ads based on your branding phase, services, and products. You can choose to pay 15% of your advertising budget or a performance-based fee.

Values that lead us

Development of overseas sales channels (sales support for foreign companies in Japan) and Planning and development of tourism experience services.We have been supporting the development of overseas sales channels for products mainly in Los Angeles, USA and Shenzhen, China. We also offer consultation from the idea stage on outbound marketing in Japan and planning for experience services.


Web development, application development, system development

We are contracted to develop websites such as official corporate websites, store websites, and personal blog sites; shopping sites such as product sales and subscription services; applications such as attendance management and store management; and systems for manufacturing and business management. We also support English text.


Consultation on data analysis and data utilization

Our data science programs deal across AI systems, information science, statistics, and algorithms to provide useful insights to society and companies using data. We build data science programs in line with data utilization, business strategies, and tactical plans that convert daily transaction data into an operational format, and build your company's unique data assets based on planning reference data from AI analysis.


Consultation for video production and promotional videos

We offer video production for video advertisement distribution, video production specialized for recruiting activities, and video production for corporate image and product promotion. We can propose ideas, as well as storyboards, a list of scents, a cut list, and more.


Digital marketing, advertising operations, business improvement

Our strengths lie in our "unparalleled ability to make proposals" and "ability to promote projects. We also propose "providing services that only your company can provide in your corporate culture.

A level of proposal that no other company can match

We are a company of about 10 people, and we can better collaborate with your company by minimizing the area and the number of orders (number of companies to be contracted) for optimal project promotion.


Reasons for contracting with us

We analyze the market and make proposals from a long-term perspective by organizing the current issues and organizational structure based on what your company “wants to do. In addition to keeping up with the latest information, we make proposals with the user experience, which is the essence of marketing, as the most important factor.

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Transaction examples

Even if the client wants to improve the website, we may suggest media proposals that match the user funnel (different target demographics), search advertisements, SNS, and so on.



Wataru Takeyama / 武山和

Representative Director and CEO


February 9, 2015

Registered Address

5-12-8 Nakazato, Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture


2.5 million yen (January 2023)


4-8-17-903 Matsunami, Yamagata City / 5-29 Yoshinocyo, Minami-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa

Number of Employees

12 (including part-time employees, subcontractors, and advisors)

Our Youtube Content

We are distributing a series on the attractions of Yamagata Prefecture. Please subscribe to our channel and click the “Good” button!

Our Restaurant in Yokohama

Our digital marketing is a strength of our own restaurant operation.

Subscription Service Development

We develop online shopping sites and subscription service sites. Development costs are quoted individually from 200,000 yen.

WEB development and marketing and Ads

Introducing renovation companies in Yokohama City.

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