Please ask us to manage your ads to maximize your monthly ad budget. We offer Google listing ads, display ads, video ads, and SNS ads based on your branding phase, services, and products. You can choose to pay 15% of your advertising budget or a performance-based fee.




Japanese Market Analysis, Japanese Market Support, Overseas Sales Channel Development, Tourism Experience Service / WEB, Application, System Development / Google Ad Operation & Funnel Definition & Data Analysis, Data Application / Video Production, Promotion Video Production / New Business Support / Existing Service Support


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Digital Marketing and Google Ads

One-Stop Digital Agency

We will draft a marketing plan from a management perspective and make various proposals in the digital domain. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Social Media​​

Proposals for SNS utilization
Operational Knowledge


Keyword strategy, content SEO strategy, natural search enhancement


Search-Linked Advertisement Management Pay-Per-Click Advertising Support

Digital Consulting ​​

General consulting in the digital domain

Web Design​

Website UI/UX design support

Content Marketing​

Media Strategy Content Marketing Support

Data Design​​

Data Analysis Cost-effectiveness analysis support

WEB Development​​

System Application Development Website and EC site support

Product Design

Service Product Development Tourism Experience Support

Graphic Design​​

Graphic Design Video Production Support


Market Analysis Search Volume Analysis Support


Corporate Planning Strategy and Tactics Proposal Marketing Strategy Proposal Support

1. inquiry consultation steps

Please let us know what you would like to discuss.

We will consult with you on various target figures, what you want to achieve, and what improvements you would like to make.

2. hearing steps

Please fill out the individual hearing sheet that we will prepare for you.

We will prepare an individual hearing sheet based on the consultation details we heard in the first step.

3. Proposal Steps and Site Inspection

Prepare a proposal and share the overall plan and strategy.

If necessary, a site visit will be conducted. After understanding the information, a proposal will be prepared. The proposal includes an overall plan, action plan to be implemented, quotation, requirement definition, design document, AI application examples, roadmap, and hypothesis testing plan.

Frequently Asked Questions on Proposal Steps

About Planning

It will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks. If you respond to the hearing sheet in about one week, we will make a proposal in two weeks.

The content of the proposal will be the improvements and benefits that are sure to be expected if it is implemented. We will provide you with a concrete action plan so that you can confirm who will implement what and when.

As an example:.

UI/UX design proposal, overall organization, overall design document, Google ad analysis, market analysis, competitive analysis, specifications, search query volume, market research, market list, funnel definition, service flow, value chain, issue/KPI tree, hypothesis testing, road map, action plan and estimates.

There is no cost for the proposal.

The proposal is only a proposal at that point, and if necessary to secure resources in the future, we will propose the use of our company’s resources and new hires as an action plan.

Our proposals are designed to be understandable to individual clients, so that they can use us as an expert in the IT field.

If the content of the measures to be implemented is narrowed down and the contract period is adjustable, the monthly cost can be within your budget. In fact, as of 2023, our monthly contracts range from 30,000 yen to 750,000 yen.

If you are not satisfied with our proposal, we will ask you to destroy the proposal and sign an NDA at the same time. However, in the past five years, we have never had a case where a client was not satisfied with our proposal.

Digital Marketing and Google Ad Operations

We will listen to your request.